Editor’s Note: Statement read by pro-life activist Mary Wagner in court during his trial for mischief, March 28.

Your Honour,

I stand before you accused of mischief. The Crown has presented the case against me, having argued to the effect that I did interfere with the enjoyment or operation of a lawful “business.” Were I to try to defend myself by arguing that I did not interfere, I would be neglecting the dignity of the little ones and their mothers, who are at the heart of the matter.

What is the “business” in question? Women’s reproductive health exists almost exclusively for the purpose of destroying children in their mothers’ wombs; under the guise of serving women, helpless babies are killed there, and their mothers are left wounded.

Canada has abdicated responsibility for the general welfare of its people by denying personhood status to the youngest and most vulnerable among us. As Mother Teresa said to world leaders gathered in Washington D.C in 1993, “the greatest destroyer of love and peace is abortion” and “let us bring the child back to the center of our care and concern.

Your Honour, I have attempted to reach out to women who are considering abortion as a solution to the difficult circumstances in which they find themselves. My presence was peaceful, and stems from an acknowledgment of the fact that a new human life exists from the moment of conception.

I also hold the firm belief that each life is sacred, as a belief shared by those of various faith convictions, as well as by those who do not necessarily believe in a Higher Being.

History shows us over and over how at various times certain members of the human family have been treated as non-persons. Each era has their reasons for attempting to justify discrimination in law, such as denying personhood status to women, Jews, blacks and native peoples, only to be acknowledged as unjustified by future generations.

While the chill of injustice may exist in the laws of a country, it need not cool the hearts of those of us who believe in upholding the inherent dignity of all our brothers and sisters, especially the mother who is tempted to seek abortion as a solution to her difficulties.