On Saturday, September 20, 25 pro-lifers witnessed for life outside the home of Toronto abortionist Nikki Colodny who works out of the Morgentaler clinic.  The protestors, carrying “Justice for the Unborn” signs, walked as a group from the subway station to Colodny’s home.

When they arrived at the abortionist’s residence they were greeted by approximately 20 to 30 Colodny “groupies” who had gathered on the porch to lend their support to the abortionist.  Some of them brought children and babies.  Loud music was playing from inside Colodny’s home while cake was being served on the porch.  At one point Nikki Colodny and another woman openly embraced and kissed each other on the lips.  A young girl around the age of five or six years yelled at pro-lifers, telling them to shut up and go home.

Pro-lifers remained peaceful and dignified during the entire witness and did not respond to jeers and hisses.  They represented a cross-section of society with an almost equal distribution of men and women, young people and older people and a handicapped person.  The pro-abortionists, with the exception of a few children, were almost all between the ages of 25 and 40 and were by far mostly women.  Pro-life demonstrators ended their witness with the Lord’s Prayer.

Dan McCash, picket co-ordinator and spokesman, described the pro-lifer’s presence as an example to people witnessing to their faith in God and to the sanctity of human life.  Some of the pro-life witnesses said that this particular demonstration was “eerie” and “sad.”  One stated, “As I looked up on the porch and saw those people, I felt pity – especially for Nikki Colodny who was trying very hard to look happy.  One day when she has to face what she has done with her life she will no longer be able to laugh.”

Campaign Life has decided to witness outside the homes of abortionists and abortuary employees on a more regular basis.  This method of protest has been very effective in the U.S., persuading many abortionists to quit the business.