Perhaps in an attempt to spruce up his somewhat tarnished public image, Prime Minister Mulroney recently expressed concern over the drug problem in Canada.

Although media pundits have been swift to question Mr. Mulroney’s motives for addressing the drug problem, it is an issue worthy of pro-life concern.

Canadians cannot sit smugly back in their armchairs, arguing that the high priority being given to the drug epidemic in public policy debates in the United States does not apply here.  We should instead be thankful that the statistics on drug abuse are smaller (as they should be, given our smaller population).  We should be encouraging and supporting our government initiatives to ensure that the problem diminishes now through greater public education and stricter law enforcement against the criminal drug dealers.

The drug problem is one thing but if the Prime Minister seriously wants to polish his image, we would suggest he act on abortion.  Many pro-lifers voted Conservative in the last election in the belief that a Conservative government would change the abortion law.  They are fed up with the political platitudes heard to date.  Political action is needed immediately to save babies.

We can also suggest many more issues on which the Prime Minister can listen to his pro-lifer, pro-family constituency and brighten his image.

The pornography legislation proposed earlier this year has now been lost because Parliament was prorogued.  That legislation did not please everyone opposed to porn-pollution, but it was a welcome first step.  Regardless of the fact that the media have declared war on what they denounce as “censorship,” Canadians want tight restrictions on pornography.

We must tell the Prime Minister, as well as our riding MPs, that we want action on all the issues affecting the family today.  If the child-s-care debate is to be resolved by large-scale government funding of daycare centres, we must insist that equal consideration be given to families where the mother would prefer to be in the home.  If our human rights codes are to be amended to include “sexual orientation,” we must insist on the rights of parents to protect their children. The challenges are many and we must rise to meet them.

We must keep our eye on the House as it starts the next session.  We resolve to speak out and let our representatives know where Canadians stand on the issues.

It has been said that we get the kind of politicians we deserve.  Let us make sure that this adage does not become a bitter epitaph for our society, only because we are too cowed to speak up for our beliefs.