Bill C-43 has met with various responses from provincial ministers of health and attorney general.

In New Brunswick, Health Minister Ray Frenette stated that the province would continue to insist on a second medical opinion. “We have a legal right to do that.” The province does not pay for abortions done in “clinics” whether inside or outside the province. (Times Transcript, May 31).

In Ontario, Health Minister Elinor Caplan is committed to providing government approved abortuaries wherever possible. All abortions, whether in hospitals or “clinics” are publicly funded.

On the question of lawsuits, Attorney General Ian Scott said he would “put a hold on third-party charges in abortion cases if they are politically motivated.” In view of the pro-abortion sentiments of Mr. Scott, this warning means that he will not allow pro-lifers to challenge the abortionists in this province.

In Alberta, Attorney General Ken Rostad immediately declared that he would not tolerate third-party prosecutions. And pro-abortion Health Minister Nancy Betkowski was prepared to change legislation requiring consent of two doctors to conform to the new federal legislation.

Federal Justice Minister Kim Campbell said she is confident the provinces won’t permit “the anti-abortion movement” to use private persecutions “as a means of manipulating” the new law. But is such attempts do have a “chilling effect” on the legislation, the government is prepared to amend the law to restrict private prosecutions, she stated. (Vancouver Sun, June 2)