Aren’t Operation Rescue people breaking the law? M.W., Ottawa, Ontario.

To the extend that they trespass by sitting or standing on private property in order to save pre-born children from being killed the answer is, “yes.”

On the other hand, the people who hid the Jews during World War II also broke the law, and in doing so risked torture and death. Americans who helped runaway slaves to escape to freedom by the Underground Railway broke the law, and prevented salve owners from recovering their “property.”

Was it wrong to help slaves escape from cruel masters? Was it wrong to help Jews escape Dachau and Auschwitz? Is it wrong to stand or sit, peacefully and prayerfully in front of a killing center – even if you are trespassing – to save the lives of children who otherwise would be killed on that particular day?

Two thoughts: It is not always wrong to break a law. In Oliver Cromwell’s England, it was against the law to celebrate Christmas.

Secondly, there is a greater law than the trivial one against trespassing. It says: “Thou shalt not murder.” Operation Rescue tries to stop mothers and abortionists from breaking the major law.

It is noticeable that many women are more beautiful when they are pregnant. Is there a reason for this? B.D., Chatham, Ontario.

It could be a glow from inner happiness but there is also a physiological cause according to Sir William Liley, the “Father of Fetology.”

Our bodies give off heat, and so does that of the pre-born child. In our case the heat is dissipated from our body surface, but the pre-born child – whose temperature is higher than the mother’s – has no external surface. Nature provides for this, and during pregnancy there are adjustments in the maternal cardio-vascular system and more blood is directed to the mother’s skin to dissipate the extra heat from the baby. It is this which gives the mother the warm, pink skin – the “pregnancy glow.”

I am told that babies who suck their thumbs before birth continue this habit afterwards. Are other habits acquired before birth? B.D., Chatham, Ontario.

Apparently hiccups is one. Fetal hiccups are quite common and are easily felt and heard by mothers and doctors. They can be observed on ultrasound. It is known that the baby who hiccups “in utero” will hiccup as a newborn especially after a feed.

What do you think is the greatest handicap to the pro-life movemeAlphonse de Valknt today? J.E>, Barrie, Ontario.

There are so many handicaps: e.g., the hostile media, but on balance, I believe the greatest handicap is not the pro-abortionists (there are not that many), but those who are fundamentally against abortion but who are too apathetic or indifferent to act. Either one tries to save a life, or one stands back and lets it be destroyed.

It was a pro-life senator in the U.S. who said: “I have found few people supporting abortion. The dividing line is not between those who are for abortion and those who are not. The dividing line is between those who want to do something about it, and those who do not.”

Every handicap poses a challenge. How does the ordinary pro-lifer get the apathetic to act? How do we generate activity in the churches, clubs and communities? I should be happy to learn of, and pass on, your experiences.