Sue Hierlihy, president of Action Life Ottawa, was recently the target of an anonymous letter accusing her of not being truly pro-life, and in fact of being a “phoney.”  The reason for this allegation is that Mrs. Hierlihy keeps a rabbit outside in the winter.

The letter writer insisted that in his or her opinion, keeping a rabbit out of doors in the winter disqualified one from the ranks of the true pro-lifer.  This person followed up the letter with a complaint to the Ottawa Humane Society.

The subject of this controversy, a 20-pound purebred Flemish Giant doe named Rebecca, occupies a large winterized hutch in the Hierlihy backyard.  After investigation of the premises, the Humane Society agreed with Mr. Hierlihy that rabbits are supposed to live outside in the winter, and that Rebecca was in fact well cared for.

Further investigation of the letter has revealed that the author is not in fact a pro-lifer but simply posed as such to cast aspersions on Mrs. Hierlihy’s credibility as a pro-life leader.  Mrs. Hierlihy remains adamant that rabbits prefer to live outside in the winter, and insists that she has utmost respect for human life and animal life as well.