Pro-lifers picketed the B.C. Teachers’ Federation executive meeting held in January in Vancouver.  The pickets were protesting the Federation’s policy in support of removing abortion from the Criminal Code.  Picketers also protested the use of pro-abortion literature in the classroom.

Picketers included representatives from Campaign Life, Right to Life and Christians for Life.  Their press statement pointed out the “contradictory absurdity” that the BCTF has “actively encouraged the elimination” of thousands of children through abortion who could have filled classrooms and created jobs.

Last year B.C. Teachers for Life campaigned against the Federation’s pro-abortion stand but failed in preventing the policy from being brought up at a national convention last summer.  Teachers for Life member David Styles, a Maple Ridge public school teacher, said more and more teachers want the policy removed because “it has nothing to do with teachers.”

“We should be sticking to teaching and educational issues and not issues that cause division,” he said.  Recently a referendum was held in Mr. Styles’ school district to vote on whether policy should be removed.  Mr. Styles expects the results of the referendum to be favourable.