There was a noisy confrontation between abortionist Morgentaler and retired boxer Reggie Chartrand at the Montreal Palais de Justice on January 29, 1986.  Morgentaler, who was summoned to court to answer charges being made by Mr. Chartrand, refused to admit that he performs abortions at his Montreal ‘clinic’ when questioned by Judge Breton, but later, when speaking to reporters, he said to them, “It is common knowledge that I perform abortions, its no secret.”

Reggie, who heard this, yelled at him, “If it’s no secret why were you afraid to tell the judge?”  This started a shouting match which also included Morgentaler’s brother who shouted insults at a pro-life lady who was nearby.  Reggie Chartrand was accompanied to court by almost 200 supporters who were not allowed to remain in the courtroom during the hearing.

Judge Breton, after hearing the various witnesses called to support Chartrand’s demand that Morgentaler be prosecuted, said that he would announce his decision on Marcy 12.  On that day he ruled that there was no proof that the abortions were real and not simulated.  He dismissed the case.