Alberta pro-lifers, angered at the Royal Bank’s refusal to cancel the $220,000 mortgage that the bank holds on Robert Scott’s illegal abortuary in Toronto, plan to protest the Royal Bank’s sponsorship of the 15th Winter Olympic Games in Calgary.

“To sponsor both the Winter Olympics and the financing of an illegal abortion operation that contravenes the Criminal Code is a contradiction that Canadians must not tolerate from a major chartered bank,” said Larry Heather, executive director of Traditional Values Advocates Inc., a pro-life Alberta activist organization.

The TVA people were not impressed by the Royal Bank’s supposed “neutrality” on the abortion issue.  The goals of the Winter Olympics embrace the highest moral laws for the uplifting of man, Heather said.

Mr. Heather said that the protest would take place at the Olympic Plaza, opposite the Calgary City Hall, and would extend over a period of two weeks, starting February 13 to February 28.