This past December 21, members of Nurses for Life and Campaign Life Coalition armed with blown-up pictures of both unborn and aborted babies, staged a sit-in at the office of Elinor Caplan, Ontario Minister of Health.  The pro-lifers were there to protest the abortion clinic policies of the Peterson government.  Caplan did not emerge to speak to them, but while they occupied her outer office, other pro-lifers distribute pamphlets to Ministry of Health employees.  Soon, though, Ministry guards instructed the pro-lifers to leave.

Pro-lifers now feel that they may have to display more graphic pictures of the death of our unborn, as they did in this sit-in, in order to bring the full impact of the horrors of abortion to the attention of the public.

Pro-Lifers begin hospital picket

On Saturday December 12, Campaign Life Niagara  began picketing the Niagara Falls General Hospital in protest of abortions being performed there.  “The picket will be visible sign of the opposition of people in this community to killing babies.  We want the hospital board to heed our message: a hospital is for healing, not killing!” said Gerada Savoie, President of Campaign Life Niagara.

The picket will continue every Saturday, indefinitely, from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m., until some positive pro-life changes in hospital policy occur.

Demers’ charges dropped

The latest news from British Columbia is that the crown attorney has decided to drop all charges against Jim Demers.

This means Demers will no longer have to spend time in jail for his continued refusal to pay for a replacement suction abortion machine at his local hospital.

“Rescuers” Biographies wanted

Paul deParrie, a member of Advocates for Life in Portland, Oregon, is currently gathering biographies for a book he is writing.  He is looking for people who come from various social backgrounds, who have become involved in rescue work.

The purpose of this book is to present rescuers as people who are ordinary, like the reader, but who chose to make a stand, at times to their own loss.

If you know someone whose story you think should be considered, please write or call Paul duParrie, 4211 SSE 39th, Portland, Oregon 97202, USA.