Election Campaign

April 1985

Liberal leader David Peterson tells students that he favour existing law (outlawing clinics) but “is concerned that there is not enough access.”

Liberals support OHIP payments for abortions and if elected, promises to pay for travel costs, if there is no hospital within 300 Km (186 miles) of the woman’s homes.

April 1985

Peterson promises that as premier, he would immediately seek a civil injunction “to close the abortion clinic.”

Ian Scott, the number two man of the Liberals, signs a statement in favour of closing Morgentaler’s abortuary, but, he adds, only “if every hospital in Ontario is required to provide abortions at the request of the woman’s physicians, at OHIP rates.”

May 2, 1985


Campaign Life Questionnaire

Total number of PC and Liberal candidates                                       250

No response due to lack of canvassers in remote rural ridings           33

Total candidates who responded                                                        217      100%

Candidates who publicly declare themselves opposed to

Abortion on demand and abortion clinics.                                         179      82.5%

Percentage of PC and Liberal candidates

Elected who favour closing the Morgentaler clinic.                                       76.5%