American sexologist sues

American sexologist and Planned Parenthood advocate, Sol Gordon, is suing Gay Caswell, conservative MLA in the Saskatchewan provincial government, for libel.

Mrs. Caswell had written as a private citizen, to the Saskatoon City Council in January, 1982, protesting the funding, by the City’s Family Service Bureau and by Planned Parenthood, of Gordon to speak to youth and professionals on teenage pregnancy.

In her letter, Mrs. Caswell said, “A viewing of his [Gordon’s] film About Sex …will also give evidence of his philosophy akin to pornography.”  She is not alone in her criticism of Gordon.

As early as 1977, The Chelsea Journal stated, “Two of the most appalling Planned Parenthood education devices are the films About Sex and The Incredible Sex Comix written for Planned Parenthood by Sol Gordon … the film shows every kind of sexual relationship, normal or perverted, complete with gutter language all designed to ‘appeal to the prurient interest of minors.'”

In a Senate Committee Hearing in the U.S. concerning the funding of Planned Parenthood, Chairman Orrin Hatch said about the film. “I felt that it is about as disgusting a film as I have seen, and it is incredible for me to imagine that something that gross would actually be shown to anyone, especially teenagers, in the name of sex education, or for any other reason for that matter.  As far as I am concerned, that film is pornographic.”

Mrs. Caswell believes that freedom of speech is the real issue in this dispute.  She says, “the implications of somebody being sued for voicing an opinion concerning a tax-funded programme to her elected officials is frightening.”

A trial date has been set for May13, 14 and 15.