Toronto – Pro-life activist Linda Groce was sentenced to six months in jail on Wednesday, November 18 (See November Interim, page 19). Linda remained silent throughout the trial, refusing to speak or offer any defense on her behalf.

Because of her refusal to speak with or to cooperate with the court and prison system in any was – including performing prison work – Linda will probably be held at the West Detention Center on 110 Disco Road, Etobicoke, Ont., M9W 1M3.

She will be eligible for parole (and will likely be released) after serving 4 months of her sentence.

She was in good spirits after the sentence. She is involved in counseling and supporting other women waiting for trial. She feels she has the acceptance and support from many of the inmates.

Linda received a telegram of support when she returned to her cell after the trial. She said it gave her a wonderful feeling to be in the thoughts and prayers of so many pro-life people.