On April 3, Reformation 21, a Reformed Church website, ran an important essay by Rosaria Butterfield, “Why I no longer use Transgender Pronouns — and Why You shouldn’t, either.” Butterfield, an erstwhile lesbian who found faith, wrote: “Trans identity and Jesus are not coterminous. It’s one or the other. Christians need to learn how to love their enemies, not pretend their enemies are their friends. Christians who use the moral lens of LGBTQ+ personhood are not merely a ‘soft presence’ in the enemy camp. Their malleability makes them pudding in the enemy’s hand. They make false converts to a counterfeit gospel that bends the knee to the fictional identity of LGBTQ+.” Well-said. We would add that simply listing one’s preferred pronouns goes along with the charade; Christians are obliged to resist this fashionable falsity.