It’s strange how facts can be manipulated.  When I read Alanna Mitchell’s three part article about adoptions in the Globe and Mail recently, my eyes happened to light on a paragraph which said:

“Three years ago, Missouri’s largest abortion clinic started offering adoption services as well, in an attempt to serve women who want neither to have an abortion nor to raise a child, but don’t know how to explore other options.”

Heavens, I thought – I’ve finally found an abortuary with a heart!  According to the article the abortion clinic wants to save babies as well as kill them.  It sounded so counter-productive for an abortuary to be talking themselves out of business that I thought I would call Ms. Mitchell and get some more information about these strange goings-on.

Ms. Mitchell called me back and informed me that there was a pre-natal clinic in this Reproductive Health Services Centre (abortuary) in St. Louis.  According to her, three to four hundred women per year elect not to have an abortion and, of these, 25 to 30 put their babies up for adoption.  She claimed that she got her information from the Family Planning Perspective magazine – a propaganda organ put out by the abortion promoters, Planned Parenthood.

I then contacted Orville Burkemper, an activist with a pro-life organization in St. Louis who, it is claimed, knows more about what goes on inside this abortuary than the people working in it.

“Yes, it’s true that they do have an adoption service across the hall from the RHS abortion clinic.  It’s run by a Ms. B.J. Issacson-Jones.  Ms. Issacson-Jones also happens to be on the board of the RHS abortion clinic.”

Mr. Burkemper would not call it a pre-natal clinic.  This adoption operation, he said, is largely a public relations thing with Ms. Issacson-Jones.  It has been going on for six years and the babies saved are nothing more than the accidental fall-out from the eight to ten thousand abortions that this place admits to doing every year!

Women, Burkemper went on, who have had abortions in this place say the RHS staff are very aggressive in their counseling of pregnant women and those who escape their hard sell are then referred across the hall to the adoption clinic.  If they can’t make money killing them they try to make money selling them.

Burkemper described the “adoption” clinic as a “propaganda tool” used to suck in the media.  A pro-life woman he knows who had picketed the RHS years ago, accidentally ended up going to the same address and was surprised to find an adoption clinic across the hall from the abortuary.

She and her husband were anxious to adopt another child and due to the scarcity of available babies (because of abortion) resorted to contacting this private adoption agency.

Here, she was told that they had to pay $30 and give several references before they could be put on a list of prospective parents.  They were also told that after 30 days they had to pay another $30 per month to remain on the list!  They paid for the first month and learned that none of their references had ever been contacted by the adoption agency.  So the fee obviously wasn’t for conducting any investigation as to their suitability as parents.

Burkemper said that if only 1000 people (not an unlikely number when the place does up to 10,000 abortions a year) paid $360 a year to stay on this “adoption” list, the potential income alone from this would be $360,000!  When this couple inquired how many babies the clinic had put up for adoption they were told “three!”  A source inside the clinic now claims they are up to 15 adoptions a year but it still reeks of a money-making scheme bordering on fraud.

Evidence might be made to show that the abortion unit is struggling to pay off its legal expenses.  At one time the RHS employed the infamous Dr. Christ, a “floater” who works in various states and is up on malpractice charges for the death of women during an abortion.  Also, there have been fourteen malpractice suits filed against the abortuary – most of them settled out of court by huge cash settlements.

Killing babies and operating a profitable adoption front on the same floor in the same building proves that you can make a killing both ways.