logoCampaign Life Coalition, Canada’s national pro-life political organization, has translated its detailed analysis of the Ontario Liberal government’s explicit sex-ed curriculum into many of the languages spoken by outraged parents. CLC’s comprehensive examination of the history and harmful nature of the controversial curriculum is now available in Arabic, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Italian, and Spanish.

Many of the demonstrations against the imposed sex-ed program, slated for implementation in the fall, have taken place in communities with a wide diversity of cultural backgrounds.

“We’ve noticed that the parents who are leading the insurgency against Kathleen Wynne’s radical program are largely new Canadians. It is those recent immigrants who have come from countries and cultures that adhere to traditionally-principled beliefs about human sexuality,” said Jack Fonseca of Campaign Life Coalition.

“The rebellion is being led by families from ethnic communities that include Chinese, Muslim, South Asian, eastern European as well as some African and Latin American immigrants,” Fonseca told LifeSiteNews. “Campaign Life Coalition realized that we had to facilitate this resistance by making it easier for community leaders to educate the moms, dads and grandparents for whom reading English is an obstacle. By providing our powerful sex-ed analysis web page in their own mother tongue, we will hopefully grow the ‘anti-child sexualization’ movement by tens of thousands.”

CLC notes that the potential for growth is huge because a full 25 per cent of Ontario’s population is comprised of new immigrants.

“We want to educate and empower every ethnic minority community, in every part of Ontario, so they can join us in protecting their young children from being sexualized,” Fonseca said, explaining that new immigrants “generally identify as socially conservative and will ferociously defend their children from an age-inappropriate, overly explicit sexual agenda.”

Fonseca pointed out that CLC is getting the message from many of these ethnic communities that they are willing to continue this battle in the long term, if necessary, to see that the Liberal government is removed from power in the 2018 election, as a direct consequence of attacking parental rights.

He stressed that these parents “see this Liberal sex curriculum for what it is: a dangerous ideological hedonism by Wynne and her progressive ilk, who are using children as pawns in their sexual revolution. These parents don’t like the state manipulating their children in a social engineering experiment, not one bit. And they’re committed to seeing this sex curriculum overthrown before September.”

“From talking to these moms and dads, I’m finding that many of them voted for Kathleen Wynne last year, in large part because they perceived the Liberals as defenders of multiculturalism. But Premier Wynne’s assault on their most cherished cultural, religious and moral values is rapidly disabusing them of that perception,” Fonseca said.

CLC is currently working on translating its sex-ed analysis web page into Korean, French, Tamil, Punjabi, Polish, and Croatian, and intends to provide translations in every other language for which they can find a competent translator. To accomplish this Campaign Life Coalition is requesting that any readers who are technically competent to translate the sex-ed analysis web page into a language not yet mentioned, such as Hindi, Portuguese, Filipino/Tagalog, and Romanian, to contact CLC to offer their services. 

This article originally appeared April 21 at LifeSiteNews and is reprinted with permission.