For Catholics and others in the Toronto area who are tired of the secularist world view peddled by the mainstream news and entertainment media, there is now an alternative on the radio.

For one hour on Sunday evenings (9-10 p.m.) on 530 AM, listeners can enjoy reviews, news and analysis of current events from a Christian perspective.

Fr. Marian Gil, OMI, a member of the religious order of the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate, told The Interim that his Catholic Youth Studio, which has been behind a daily Polish-language Catholic radio program for seven years, is purchasing one hour of radio time each week in order to broadcast Catholic Radio. The programming can be heard from Kitchener to Oshawa, and from Barrie to Rochester, New York.

Fr. Gil said Catholic Radio provides a positive message for people of all ages as an alternative to the mainstream media. “It is time to spread the Good News,” he said. “The [mainstream] media deprives people of basic human values, of true love and faithfulness. The media can play a positive role. That is what Catholic Radio does.”

Tony Gosgnach, editor of the Hamilton-based ecumenical paper The Endeavour and a member of the editorial advisory board of The Interim, is one of the contributors to the show. He pre-tapes music reviews and a newsmagazine-style analysis of current events and is one of three co-hosts that provide the segue between segments.

Gosgnach told The Interim that the newsmagazine segments run about five minutes and look at current events without the usual liberal spin. This part of the program, entitled the Cutting Edge of Today and Leading Trends of Tomorrow, allows for deeper analysis. Gosgnach has recently tackled issues such as the Scott Brockie human rights case and the arrest of pro-life sidewalk counselor Alex Vernon. “There are a lot of issues that would be of interest to Interim readers,” Gosgnach said.

Fr. Gil said while the stories obviously cover some deeply disturbing trends, they feature “good people fighting great evils.” He said such messages will provide hope to Christians who look at what’s wrong with society and are tempted to say, “What can I do about it?”

The program is fast-paced, and Fr. Gil said there is a little of something for everybody. Other segments include a commentary on the week’s Gospel reading, news from Canada, the Vatican and the world, and movie and book reviews. Fr. Gil said the music, book and movie reviews all point listeners to entertainment than can enrich people’s lives.

Plans are being made to allow more in-studio programming, including hosting guests and taking calls from listeners. Fr. Gil said he hopes to expand the program to broadcast daily and perhaps even purchase a radio station in the future. “It is very important to be part of the positive role the media can play,” he said.

The radio program began in late February but had its official launch on Easter Sunday.