Mayor acts only after threat of human rights complaint

After months of lobbying and the threat of a human rights complaint, the city of Regina announced it would proclaim June 18 Heterosexual Family Pride Day.

After months of stonewalling the request by Christian Truth Activists to proclaim the day, the city acted quickly after CTA executive director Bill Whatcott announced he would complain to the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission which had previously forced the city to recognize a “gay pride” day.

Whatcott, who ran for mayor last fall, first sent a letter to mayor Pat Fiacco on December 11 and since an initial request by the city for the particulars of the proclamation, had not heard from them again until the city announced on March 15 that it would sign the proclamation and allow Heterosexual Family Pride Day festivities in June.

According to the National Post, Fiacco claims the city did not oppose Whatcott’s request, only that it was not able to move as quickly as the activist had wanted. On March 14, Whatcott demonstrated in front of the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission, saying he would file a complaint the following day because the city was discriminating against heterosexual families for refusing to proclaim a heterosexual family pride day.

Whatcott told The Interim he believes there is no doubt the city reacted when they did because of the possibility of being brought before the human rights commission. “The city is afraid of them,” he said. “Why else would they act on the day a complaint was going to be made when they hadn’t moved on this for months?”

Whatcott said the need for such a proclamation is two-fold. First, it points to the goodness and benefits of heterosexual, life-long monogamy, and second, it counters the increased visibility of homosexuals activists who use such proclamations and parades to advance their agenda.

Opponents of the proclamation claim Whatcott has a “hidden agenda,” but Whatcott says “there is nothing hidden about it.” “Sodomy is condemned in the Bible. It is an evil and we will oppose it. But we are also providing the positive message of life-long commitment in a heterosexual relationship.”

Whatcott stresses that it is not heterosexual pride but Heterosexual Family Pride Day. “Heterosexual sex can be just as debauched as homosexual sex,” he said. “We are recognizing, as the flag we will raise says, God’s loving provision of safe sex: holy matrimony.” The flag will also feature the symbols for male and female holding hands with a cross in the background.

Whatcott plans a parade through the streets of Regina followed by a flag raising ceremony and the mayoral proclamation.

Ultimately, Whatcott said it would be best if municipalities ended the practice of proclaiming days for various groups but until that day comes he said it is necessary “to proclaim the truth to a decadent culture.”


Whereas, the intact heterosexual family unit is ordained by God as clearly revealed in the Holy Bible (Gen 2:23-24, Matt 19:4-6); and

Whereas, large bodies of research support the conclusion that intact heterosexual families provide an excellent nurturing environment for children; and

Whereas, many believe that intact heterosexual families provide a necessary source of stability that benefits society as a whole; and

Whereas, intact heterosexual family units provide much needed stability and moral direction for children and young adults; and

Whereas, intact heterosexual families provide sexual satisfaction for the men and women who are committed to them; and

Whereas, when monogamy is practiced, the husbands and wives who enjoy sexual relations in the confines of their heterosexual marriage have no reason to worry about STDs, AIDS or broken hearts,

Now therefore, I Pat Fiacco, Mayor of the City of Regina, do hereby proclaim, Monday, June 18, 2001 as Heterosexual Family Pride Day in Regina, and in issuing this proclamation we ask our citizens to recognize this day.

Pat Fiacco