A screen capture from the new National March for Life promotional video.

A screen capture from the new National March for Life promotional video.

On March 14, Campaign Life Coalition unveiled a new promotional video for the National March for life and announced the theme for the 2016 march would be #EndTheKilling.

The march is Canada’s largest annual pro-life event, attracting 25,000 participants last year in Ottawa, and more than 10,000 others for regional marches in provincial capitals. The march marks the May 14, 1969 anniversary of the passing of Pierre Trudeau’s Omnibus bill that effectively legalized abortion-on-demand through rubber-stamp therapeutic abortion committees. This year’s march is on May 12.

Justin Trudeau, Pierre’s eldest son, was elected Prime Minister last October, and he has promised to increase abortion access, refund abortion in Canada’s international aid, and bring forth a Quebec-style broad euthanasia bill to acquiesce with the Supreme Court’s 2015 assisted-suicide ruling. CLC national president Jim Hughes told The Interim, “there might never have been a more important time to tell the government it is time to end the killing.” The Supreme Court has extended its deadline to Parliament to pass a new euthanasia law to June 6, so the House of Commons and Senate will be in the middle of their deliberations when the march takes place in front the Parliament buildings.

CLC’s official 2016 March for Life video and poster are now available at marchforlife.ca to download and circulate in communities across the country. The video features pro-lifers from all walks of life, all creeds and cultures, and numerous pro-life groups, who take part in the National March for Life and join in the call to end the killing. The video’s narrator says, “we are the pro-life movement … a movement so diverse, and yet united by one hope, one dream, one goal: to see the day when all lives matter, when human life is protected from conception to natural death.” The video concludes saying that “together we will end the killing.”

Canada’s pro-life advocates face “admittedly large obstacles,” CLC youth coordinator Christina Alaimo told LifeSiteNews. “We are nonetheless more united as a movement than ever,” Alaimo said. “We will continue to voice the need for legal protection for every human life at all its stages in Canada and abroad.”

CLC urges pro-life advocates to disseminate this information and to plan to attend the march.

March for Life activities on Thursday, May 12 begin with a noon rally on Parliament Hill, which includes brief addresses by various parliamentarians, and pro-life and religious leaders. The March begins at 1:30 pm and proceeds through downtown Ottawa. The day’s events conclude with the evening’s Rose Dinner and Youth Banquet. Because of the Liberal government’s commitment to fund abortion overseas, CLC invited Obianuju Ekoecha, founder of Culture of Life Africa, to speak at this year’s Rose Dinner.

A candlelight vigil will take place on May 11 at the human rights monument, and a full-day youth conference is scheduled May 13.