Starring Sylvester Stallone, John Lithgow, Janie Turner

Incredible scenery and awesome, nail-biting climbing scenes are all yours—for a price.

As has been the trend by Hollywood for some years, Cliffhanger gives and takes. It gives spectacular visuals and action and takes your innocence and your sense of decency and innate respect for life.

Repeated, cold-blooded, as-realistic-as-possible, as-callous-as-possible murders occur throughout. Opponents viciously kick, punch and smash each other with weapons, realistic blood and gore spewing about.

In one scene a criminal cold-bloodedly shoots his unsuspecting girlfriend while embracing her and talking to her about love. Why? So her piloting skills will not be used by his criminal rival to retrieve a case of money.

The obligatory F-word is spouted throughout. Stallone’s Rambo movies were more fantasy-like. Cliffhanger is vicious.

Not to miss another part of its social engineering agenda, women are presented in macho, normally male roles. One is the callous pilot of the bad guy’s plane and the other is a fearless mountain-climber and pilot of the good guy’s helicopter.

Why do we continue to let Hollywood get away with this? How have people allowed themselves to become so desensitized as to not be bothered by such trash?