REALwomen’s convention, tenth anniversary, and board meetings were held in Toronto May 7-9.

Convention speaker Dr. William Gairdner explained that throughout history, the family has been under attack.

“Because it is private, and motivated by values that transcend the state, the family is seen as subversive and difficult to govern, and therefore has always been a special target.”

Gairdner pointed out that the four interrelated essential values of a strong and prosperous society are freedom, family, free enterprise, and faith.  “Allowing them to be replaced by government intervention, political groups, grants and grabs, and godlessness, will result in the decline of our society,” he warned.  “It is important to defend them.”

Dr. Gairdner is author of the recently released War Against the Family, reviewed in the December, 1992 Interim.

Columnist, publisher, author and editor Judi MacLeod described the rudeness, disdain and ridicule experienced by many parents attempting to be heard at School Board meetings.

“Never go alone,” she advised.  “Take all your neighbours.  And if that doesn’t get attention, next time take all their neighbours.”

Ms. MacLeod also pointed out that the School Board makes decisions that have a major impact on all families, and on society.  But the voter turnout is often below 10%.

“It is so important that you vote.  If you aren’t in the habit of attending the meetings, at least get a friend to help you brush up on the issues, and get out there to cast your ballot,” she said.

She did not exempt people whose children are no longer in school.  “You are still funding the decisions made by the School Board, so you should have a strong interest in seeing that they make decisions and support values that you can live with.”

Sue Careless, curriculum consultant and Communications Director of Citizens United for Responsible Education, highlighted the betrayal of parents when schools permit (or encourage) homosexual indoctrination of children.  She suggested some approaches to use in fighting back.  Her resource and reference materials were popular among the convention goers.

A member of Physicians for Life, Dr. Larry Reynolds, noted that modern medicine has been dominated by male thinking, male approaches, male solutions.  “For example, very few women doctors do abortions.  It is simply not a woman’s instinctive way to solve problems – especially problems that affect the family.”

REALwomen’s Vice President, Gwen Landolt, urged listeners to mark this election year and 1994 (Year of the Family) with a pro-family stamp.  “It is absolutely imperative that each one of us resolve to do something, however small, that we take personal responsibility for trying to make a difference,” she stressed.

Anniversary celebrations included special recognition of the work of Grace Petrasek, Lynn Scime and Lettie Morse, past presidents who guided REALwomen through its rocky early years.