Halifax. Eco-feminism, according to a German feminist, is a solution to increasing ecological degradation.

Dr. Maria Mies, a German sociologist from Cologne, believes that Eco-feminism, based on the fundamental “relatedness between all living things,” is an alternative to the threat of environmental extinction.

In late February, Dr.Mies spoke to 200 people, mostly women, at the former Catholic Women’s College of Mount Saint Vincent University.

Billed as a sociologist of “international acclaim,” and author of a book described as a “leading analysis of today’s global, economic dependence on sexual and racial exploitation,” Dr. Mies stated that either there will be an ecological revolution in the next few years, or “ we will see the demise of human civilization.”

Blame is being put on Third World women because they breed too many children, Dr. Mies stated, but the United Nations and other agencies “ do not mention other causes of destruction” such as conspicuous consumption in the completed nations. “I do not see over-population in the Third World as the problem,” she The Interim.

Reproductive control

“Instead of interfering in the re-productivity of women in the south, we should be trying to reduce the standard of living in the north,” she stated.

Asked about Natural Family Planning, as opposed to contraception, Dr. Mies said that “we should for such natural methods rather than becoming dependent upon the multinational pharmaceutical companies,” noting at the same time that most of the drugs and devices in use “amount to sterilization.”