Red China may lift child limits

Paul Tuns The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is scrambling to tackle their demographic crisis. On May 31, CCP officials announced at a Politburo meeting that the limit on children would be lifted to three by 2025, a gradual relaxation of the two-child policy implemented in 2016 after ChiComms determined that the one-child policy inaugurated in 1980 and enforced with coercive sterilization and [...]

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US fertility rates fall to record low

Paul Tuns: On May 5, the United States Centers for Disease Control (CDC) released data on the country’s fertility rate, revealing that it has fallen to its lowest rate since such figures began being collected in the 1930s. The total fertility rate -- the average number of times a woman will give birth in her lifetime -- fell to 1.64 births per [...]

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Demography and destiny

Low fertility rates, not over-population, present challenge “Demography is destiny,” the French sociologist Auguste Comte reportedly said. Population trends – fertility rates, infant survival, ageing, and other facts that are literally about life and death – greatly influence the economy, politics, culture, and world affairs. Demography may not be destiny, but it is nonetheless a powerful force and one that often seems [...]

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The population balm

Paul Tuns, Editor of The Interim Newspaper By Paul Tuns A parable of Saint Matthew’s Gospel describes a master who, before going on a journey, entrusts his property to three servants. Their charge is not a light one. They have, after all, been entrusted with the wealth — the very substance — of their lord. The talents imparted to them [...]

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Not big enough book review

By Paul Tuns One Billion Americans: The Case for Thinking Bigger by Matthew Yglesias (Portfolio, $37, 267 pages) Matthew Yglesias is a policy wonk and political commentator for the left-wing Vox website. His new book, One Billion Americans, could have been a good and important contribution to American discourse, adding to the dearth of serious, or at least ambitious, ideas. Yglesias makes [...]

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UN’s Status of Women adopts objectionable conclusions

Pro-life groups are sounding the alarm that the United Nations is, in the words of Campaign Life Coalition’s global policy and research coordinator Emily Price, who was present at the 63rd Commission on the Status of Women, “being dishonest and making a complete mockery of national sovereignty and the legitimate process of consensus-building.” At the beginning of the commission, a draft document contained [...]

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Census reveals changes in family formation, aging population

Statistics Canada revealed 2016 census figures on “families, households, and marital status” that showed a record number of Canadians are living alone. One-person households comprise 28 per cent of households, the most common type arrangement. The next most common are couples with children (26 per cent) followed by couples without children (26 per cent). Lone-parent families make up nine per cent of [...]

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Eugenics is not treatment

Last month CBS reported on the supposed success Iceland had in eliminating Down syndrome yet it was immediately obvious that the Nordic country had done no such thing. Rather, through nudging expectant mothers toward genetic testing and a cultural predisposition to abort preborn babies with the chromosomal disorder, Iceland had succeeded not in eliminating Down syndrome but rather people with Down syndrome. [...]

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Canada’s population hits 35 million, no thanks to Canadians

Last month, Statistics Canada released its statistical portrait of the country with the first population numbers since 2011. There are now precisely 35,151,728 Canadians, at least on Census Day, May 10, 2016. As the Stats Can release notes, that is about ten times as many Canadians as there were when the first census was taken in 1871 when there were 3.5 million [...]

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Conscience campaign launched

Larry Worthen The Call to Conscience Campaign was launched by the Coalition for HealthCARE and Conscience to urge Ontario residents to lobby their MPPs to get them to amend Bill 84, the provincial government’s “Medical Aid in Dying Statute Law Amendment Act,” which has no protection for the conscience rights of health care workers. Bill 84 is expected to be [...]

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Population control advocate Maurice Strong dead

Praised a leading environmentalist, Maurice Strong favoured de-population policies. Maurice Strong, the Canadian often credited with mainstreaming the environmental movement, passed away Nov. 28 at the age of 86. He was praised by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as an “internationally recognized environmentalist and philanthropist” and a “global pioneer of sustainable development who left our country and our world a better [...]

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World population of 11 billion by 2100: UN

There are currently 7.3 billion people sharing the Earth, and the 2015 Revision of the World Population Prospects issued by the United Nations Population Division estimates that there will be nearly four billion more people by 2100. Media coverage was typically dismal about the news the UN estimates there will be a world population of 11 billion by the turn of the [...]

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The persistent myth of overpopulation

National Affairs Rory Leishman Given the dramatic drop in birth rates throughout most of the world over the past 50 years, it is amazing that so many doom-and-gloom academics still cling to the false and pernicious notion of global overpopulation. Prominent among these persistent doomsayers is Stephen Emmott, professor of computational science at Oxford University. In his recently published and [...]

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Been there, done that: never-ending doomsday predictions about overpopulation

There is no shortage of doom and gloom books that look at world demographic trends, but what is surprising is how many get the story wrong. While many countries are trying to figure out how to restore fiscal sanity following out-of-whack budgets that fund a welfare state predicated on population growth and having a critical mass of workers to pay for dependents [...]

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Author identifies causes, problems of lower fertility rates

What to Expect When No One’s Expecting: America’s Coming Demographic Disaster by Jonathan V. Last (Encounter, $28, 230 pages) In 1968, Paul R. Ehrlich published an influential book, The Population Bomb. The manuscript was originally entitled, “Population, Resources, and Environment,” and Erhlich warned of impending doom if global population growth was not significantly curtailed. Erhlich predicted environmental catastrophe, famine, and even war [...]

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