The pro-life movement has begun an intense education campaign to train its leaders of tomorrow.

It is being billed as the most extensive program designed for the express purpose of educating pro-lifers, leaders and political activists.

The correspondence course, called “Life Issues, What You Need to Know about Abortion,” was developed and is administered by Campaign Life Coalition.  Retired high school teacher Hugh Loughran, instructor and administrator of the course, says the concept was drawn up to provide “a comprehensive pro-life resource to enhance the variety of pro-life educational and political activities.”

The course is divided into sections and covers everything from fetal development to the psychological of abortion.  The text throughout contains current information with sources and extensive footnotes.

Under the guidance of Loughan, students will be led thorough the ten lessons of the course.  After each unit is a self-examination to determine the student’s progress.

Anne-Marie Tomlins, the principal researcher and writer of the course, says the information is an exhaustive look at the whole issue.  She says there could be constant updating of the information presented in the package to ensure that it remains a resource for future generations.

Winifride Prestwich, former vice-principal of Havergal College and another developer of the course, says it would be ideal resource material for seminarians and students alike to broaden their knowledge of life issues.

All three have extensive teaching and pro-life backgrounds.

The course will be offered in mid-September and the $35 fee will cover the cost of materials and mailing.

More information on the course can be obtained from Campaign Life Coalition, 53 Dundas St, E., Suite #303, 368-8479