This September, delegates from one hundred and eighty-three countries will gather in Cairo for the United Nations-sponsored International Conference on Population and Development.

If the proposals listed in the final draft paper are any indication, the Cairo conference will see a massive push for population reduction – through birth control, sterilization and abortion. The most alarming proposal is UN’s push to impose abortion, in all countries, as a women’s right – overriding any existing legislation.

If the UN machinations are successful, hundreds of millions more children will be killed annually by abortion. This issue, The Interim has devoted pages 8 and 9 to the Cairo conference, focusing on its background, who is behind it and its shocking ramifications. Campagne Quebec Vie president Gilles Grondin, who previously worked in the Canadian External Affairs office, will be on-hand in Cairo to give a first-hand account of this all-out attack on the unborn.