The problem, I fear, is that the whole country is going to pot – “pot,” as in marijuana.

There’s a crazy campaign being carried on by the mainstream media to decriminalize pot. We’ll be a nation of glassy-eyed potheads if this media blitz is a success, and I don’t doubt that they’ll succeed. Many will be getting into their cars stoned from marijuana joints in a variety of flavours – Northern Lights, Jolly Ranchers, Cherry Bomb and others. Lawmakers will be making it all perfectly legal. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

This is according to Diane Francis’s recent National Post article (she’s in favour of legalizing pot). The man behind this idiocy is Marc Emery, known as B.C.s “prince of pot,” an entrepreneur who sells 450 varieties of marijuana seeds worldwide. He is a right-wing marijuana magnate who is making millions in order to overthrow the prohibitions against cannabis.

Emery recently spent $200,000 to get several people out of jail who were in for marijuana offenses. Yet, Emery declares only $145,000 a year income, on which he pays $60,000 taxes. This is itself a bit of a miracle. He keeps no books and moves his seed business from safe house to safe house so his inventory cannot be seized. Give me the name of his accountant!

Canadian authorities, unlike their U.S. counterparts, mostly turn a blind eye to pot cultivation and possession. Diane Francis claims that a lot of the judges, as lawyers and law students, smoked marijuana (and inhaled, too). So when someone is brought before a judge charged with a pot offence, instead of stepping aside as they should because of their track record, they let the offender off with a wrist slap. When the lawmakers lack a strong desire to crack down on drug crimes, cops sure aren’t going to get out the paddy wagons to cart the potheads off to jail.

Just contrast the treatment that pornographers receive in the U.S. compared to Canada. This month, a young Texas couple Thomas Reedy and his wife, Janice, ran what was believed to be the largest child pornography business in the U.S., with an estimated 250,000 subscribers on their porn web sites at $29.95 (U.S.) each. They had revenues of $1.4 million a month! One hundred others were also charged. Thomas Reedy got sentenced to 1,355 years in prison. Wow! I hope longevity is in his genes. His wife got 14 years.

Contrast this with Canada, where we recently backed away from charging 16 members of the Wonderland Club who are living in Ontario, Quebec and B.C., and were identified by U. S. authorities as child pornographers. Each prospective member was required to provide members with 10,000 new sexually explicit images of children.

Sergeant Mathews, in charge of an anti-pornography unit in Toronto, didn’t think we had enough hard evidence to win in court. Hey, Mathews, bring those U.S. prosecutors in. They don’t mind taking on the big guys. We do.

As the brilliant Canadian writer, Michael D. O’Brien, says, we have allowed tolerance and self-fulfillment to warp our view of evil in our midst.

Heavens! We even have Minister of Health Allan Rock ploughing millions into growing pot legally for “sick” patients. I see a potential of 30 million “sick” patients joyfully bankrupting the country. Thousands of Americans will be lining up to apply for Canadian citizenship.

Canada seems to work on the theory that if you can’t eliminate crime, you legalize it. They did it years ago when they legalized liquor. Now various levels of government have both feet into gambling – horseracing, sweepstakes, casinos, bingo. They all want their cut – only they call it “licensing fees.” It’s a slippery slope, folks. Marijuana leads to King Heroin. Soft drugs are just chapter one in the book.

The federal Liberals have a problem. If potheads are going to walk around stoned, how are they going to find their way to the polling booths to vote Liberal? Think of that, Mr. Rock! And also think of all the billions you are going to have to borrow from the World Bank to rehabilitate all these potheads in hospitals the size of the West Edmonton Mall.