At the end of July through the beginning of August, we suffered through the “gay festival” as Montreal became Sodom for a week. A particular arrogance and presumptuousness marked this year’s activities. Some estimates had 750,000 people attending the gay parade on August 5, giving the occasion an appearance of having been a great success.

Key politicians were present, showing their deference for the homosexual segment of the vote. For the first time, a minister of the federal government, Allan Rock, attended. Let us not forget this, come the next election or Liberal Party leadership race. This promoter of marijuana legalization has it in for our families and should be stopped from seeking the leadership of the Liberal party when Chrétien leaves office.

Mario Dumont, leader of the Action Democratique du Quebec, showed us by his presence that the social conservatives of the Canadian Alliance have nothing to win by attracting this young careerist to their party. Dumont was the perfect disciple of the late Robert Bourassa (who was not as callous as his disciple). These young “conservatives” are not the stock with which French Canadians will be able to launch an intellectual and moral reform, necessary for their survival in this ocean of madness and corruption. Both candidates for mayor of Montreal, Mayor Pierre Bourque and Gérald Tremblay, a former minister in the Bourassa government, were present to court the gay vote for the November elections. The PQ government was very well represented by at least four MNAs, including two ministers. Ms. Agnès Maltais, minister of social affairs, declared with rainbow flag in hand, “I love these parades. And I think it is important that these events are held in order to reach the population and to heighten public awareness of the homosexual question.”

Laurent McCutcheon, a Montreal gay leader, asked the Quebec government to grant the gay community a minister. There are already two “official” gay ministers in the Landry government (André Boisclair and André Boulerice). They want a minister just for them and a ministry with funding for gay positions. Fortunately, the outspoken gay minister Boulerice is opposed to this “ghettoization” of homosexuals and said that the 28 ministers of the Quebec government should consecrate themselves to the gay cause. Premier Landry, who also participated in the gay festival, but not in the parade, did not take a precise position, saying that Quebec society is always in “progress.”

The gay festival was also used to demand “homosexual marriage” again. In a full page text published in both La Presse and Le Devoir, BQ MP Réal Ménard, a declared homosexual, considered the “heterosexist” definition of marriage in Canadian legislation totally discriminatory. He indicated he will fight until the end with his dear “colleague” Svend Robinson (who came from Vancouver to participate in the festival) to get legal recognition of “homosexual marriage.”

It is, for him, a sine qua non condition for the complete integration of gays in Canadian society. With this kind of fundamentalist interpretation of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms (also known as the new gospel of present-day Canada), the whole of Canadian society is collapsing in the interests of specific groups against the rights of the majority. Recently, we saw this clearly in Quebec with the abolition of denominational schools against the will of parents, to please the militant atheists of the Quebec Lay Movement (MLQ), who used the presence of non-Christian immigrants in the schools to abolish the rights of everyone, particularly Christian parents.

Ville-Marie transformed into Sodom … who would have thought that? Our mayor even begged last spring that the international gay community get the 2006 “gay games” to come to Montreal. Is this really to our glory? Should we be proud of this “generosity” and openness to “diversity?”