Karla Homolka was released July 4 from the prison of Ste. Anne des Plaines. Media from all over Canada were present in this small town of Quebec to film the first moment of freedom of this killer after 12 years in prison. She is still considered dangerous after her participation with ex-husband Paul Bernardo in the horrible murders of two Ontario schoolgirls and of her own sister. Her release, after just 12 years, due to an agreement with the Ontario attorney-general of the time, Marion Boyd, in order to incriminate her husband, was seen as unjust by many citizens and journalists. At the time of the agreement, in fact, we did not know of the existence of videos that show how clearly was her full and deliberate participation in the killing of the two young teenagers.

Homolka, who now has a new name, wants to forget all about that and begin a new life in Montreal, far from her hometown, St. Catharines, in Ontario. Six lawyers, all paid by the government, of course – that is to say, by our own taxes and money – are defending her “right” to not be disturbed by the media in her new life. She also complains that the release conditions imposed on her by Judge Béliveau last June, including giving her address to the police department of her city, not having a job in which we would have authority over children less than 16 years old, not leaving her city for more than 48 hours without informing the police, are against the Charter of Rights.

Once again, we hear of the marvellous Charter of Rights invented by Pierre Elliott Trudeau. It shows there is no respect for real rights in Canada and particularly, for the first natural right, the right to life. The Karla Homolka case is just another illustration of the lack of respect for human life in this country. What about the “rights” of the three young girls slaughtered by Homolka and her crazy husband? It is not important for Homolka and for the “justice” system of Canada. It is the rights of the murderer that matter; the victims and their families have no rights.

In fact, Homolka has no remorse whatsoever. According to the lawyer of the victims’ families, in 12 years, she has not offered any apology to them. Homolka gave an interview to Radio-Canada television just after her release, in which she talked about her crimes like a surgeon, with no emotion at all. The complaisant journalist, Joyce Napier, permitted her to plead for herself in front of citizens who might be scandalized by her easy release and her excessive protection by the government and the police. She was so unrepentant, she even said in the interview that her greatest wish after her release was to drink an iced cappuccino from Tim Hortons! Not a single thought about the victims! It is significant to note that she was accompanied at this television performance in French by her lawyer, paid by the good Canadian taxpayers. Tax me, I am a stupid Canadian!

In prison, her behaviour was far from repentant. We know about all her parties with champagne, her lesbian relationships with inmates and photos with lingerie in the nice gardens of the prison that could be sold to Playboy magazine. Enough! In June, Judge Béliveau was particularly disturbed by the fact that she had an affair and an erotic correspondence in prison with a male French murderer. He is still in prison, but they think they might get married when he is released! What a nice couple!