The Toronto Public Library has rejected The Interim’s bid to have the newspaper made available to the public through the periodical distribution service.

According to an official with the Toronto Public Library, periodicals are ineligible for bulk distribution if they are deemed primarily of political, religious or philosophical advocacy.

Other types of publications rejected for distribution include materials that would contravene bylaws or provincial or federal laws, and material which could be considered without significant social or recreational content.

Preference is given to material emphasizing new cultural trends, local community news or which targets narrower audiences, such as seniors, new Canadians or gay and lesbian groups.

The Interim had hoped for distribution through the Toronto library system to allow the pro-life, pro family message to reach a wider audience. Surprisingly, one of the criteria for accepting is material which is not widely distributed elsewhere. Apparently this reason was not sufficient to have The Interim included on library shelves.

The newspaper is currently available through subscription or through bulk purchase by churches, religious communities or pro-life organizations.

Interim officials are continually looking at ways to boost readership.