News agency


Brussels. Spanish journalist Andre’s Garrigo has proposed a pro-life news agency for Europe called Euro Life News. Its purpose: to distribute current and reliable information about human life and health.


Garrigo explained the need for such an agency to an International Seminar on abortion, euthanasia and genetic manipulation in Brussels, organized by the Dutch “Cry for Life” organization. It will need a quarter of a million dollars to get started and set professional standards for news which is desired by many people and agencies.


Development and solidarity


RomeIn his World day of Peace message, Pope John Paul examined two keys to peace: human solidarity and development.


Human solidarity has ethical implications for human life on this planet and for international relations, said the Pope. “Our common bonds of humanity demand that we live in harmony and that we promote what is good for one another. These ethical implications are the reason why solidarity is a basic key to peace.”


Enumerating a number of obstacles to international development and solidarity, the Pope criticized aid measures that “virtually force communities or countries to accept contraception programmes and abortion schemes as the price of economic growth.”





Zeist, Holland. A new pro-life Health and Sickness Insurance Scheme has had a successful first year here with some 5000 policy holders. The premiums are no higher than those of other private insurance companies and give the same benefits. Negotiations are underway with the government, including a possible change in legislation, to allow changes for those whose lower income now requires them to use the government insurance scheme.