The Canadian Armed Forces have dismissed five lesbian women who served at a top-secret submarine tracking station at Shelburne, Nova Scotia. They were considered a security risk. The new Minister of Defence Erik Nielsen brushed aside an NDP demand for changes in a policy that bars homosexual men and women from the armed forces.


The Globe and Mail (March 6) reported NDP MP Svend Robinson saying outside the House of Commons that this policy is “clearly unacceptable in this day and age.”


“Obviously if people can be open about this sexual orientation, they’re not subject to blackmail.” The dismissal outraged the homosexual and lesbian community in Halifax.


Last month The Interim printed a questionnaire from Mr. Crosbie, the federal Minister of Justice, trying to measure public opinion on four questions. The first question concerned homosexuals in the army. Readers were, and still are, encouraged to clip the questionnaire, fill in the answer and mail.