Frank Mountain never even expected to meet Mother Teresa of Calcutta, and being the subject of her special attention was the furthest thing form his mind when the tiny nun entered his Ottawa hospital room on September 16.

Although she makes a point of not visiting hospitals or nursing homes, Mother Teresa made an exception for Frank when she heard of his unwavering dedication to saving the lives of unborn children.  Her “surprise” visit was one of the best kept secrets of the Ottawa pro-life community.

A car accident in June, on the way to the weekly pro-life picket at the Civic Hospital abortion facility, left Frank with a broken neck and the prospect of facing life as a paraplegic.  The car – painted with the message “Abortion Kills Babies” – left the road then flipped over in a ditch.  Margie Mountain and their five children were not seriously hurt.

Undaunted after the initial shock, Frank has adapted to the radical change in lifestyle with amazing courage. There is even evidence that pickets and petitions are now being arranged from his room at the Ottawa Rehabilitation Centre.

“Everyone despairs,” he says, “but it passes.  If the Good Lord wanted to put me in a wheel chair then I’m happy to be here.”

Surrounded by his five children and wife Margie, Frank told mother Teresa of his hope that strength will return to his arms.  She reassured him “It will come”, she said, “it will come.”

Following Mother Teresa’s visit a somewhat awed Frank wondered why the saintly nun would visit him.  So many other pro-lifers, he insisted, had done so much more than he had.  “Nonsense, said the ever humourous and pragmatic Margie.  “It’s not just for what you’ve already done, fella, it’s for what you’re going to do.”