The participants in the meeting of the Religious Alliance Against Pornography and representatives of the Pontifical Council for the Family on 29-30 January, 1992, released a declaration of concern and common conviction regarding the problem of pornography.

“We are in unanimous agreement,” stated the Declaration, “that it is our shared responsibility to alert people to the degradation that all pornography inflicts – first, on those used in the production of pornographic materials, and second, on those who are desensitized or destroyed through its consumption.

We oppose pornography because:

•    pornography exploits and degrades the human person
•    pornography undermines marriages and families
•    pornography twists personal and social relations
•    pornography contributes to the commission of sexual violence and child molestation
•    pornography reduces God’s gift of sexuality to a level that lacks a sense of the personal dignity, human tenderness, mutual love and ethical commitment that are part of the divine plan.”

(Source: Osservatore Romano, English Edition, March 11, 1992)