Mr. Frank Muldoon, Chairman of the Law Reform Commission of Canada struck down an attempt by some pro-abortion members in the Canadian Bar Association and the Canadian Medical Association to widen the already infamous 1969 abortion law.

In a joint resolution (not binding on the parent associations), the law reform commission of Canada was asked to study the federal legislation on abortion.

By the questions asked to be studied, it was quite apparent that the pro-abortionists hoped that the law reform commission would reopen the issue with conclusions favourable to them.

The questions presented to the law reform commission for study included the following: present law:

–Fails to consider potential grounds for abortion except in the broadest terms concerning health

i.e. Abortion should be available for more than mere medical reasons.

–Has allowed anti-abortion (read pro-life) hospital board members to be elected to committees, thus subverting Criminal Code provisions against political bias.

i.e. they want only pro-abortionists or uncommitted members on hospital boards to allow therapeutic abortion committees to operate free of control.

–Is violated by several independent abortion clinics

i.e. make abortion clinics legal so that the “law” won’t be broken

–Is applied piecemeal, inequitably across Canada.

i.e. they want all publicly funded hospitals to be required to perform abortions or else establish free-standing abortion clinics.

Mr. Muldoon said that the commission could make no contribution to the debate on abortion because it has been sufficiently studied and public opinion is crystallized on the issue.

Mr. Muldoon wasn’t born yesterday.