How many times have you heard pro-lifers called single issue “fetus worshippers?”  Far too many, according to one group who, over the past few years with very little fanfare, have gone about changing this misconception.

Business for Life, an organization formed in 1989 to give business people an opportunity to help in the fight to save the unborn, have decided to contribute their time and resources to the record numbers of people who are forced to turn to food banks for survival.

This project began in 1990 with the delivery of 500 turkeys and 40 Christmas cakes to a food bank in Toronto.  Since then, arrangements have been made with Ontario farmers to provide produce for food banks in Walkerton (Ontario) and Toronto.

In 1991 Business for Life gathered over 30 tons of food for various food banks.  Wit a growing number of people participating, this year’s donation will be the largest.

BFL’s work is tremendously important, particularly during the winter months.  The group also hopes that their project can act as a model for other groups across Canada who wish to help out in their own communities.

Though their work is not finished, Business for Life has done their best to fill some empty stomachs and change people’s perception of the pro-life community.  Both noble causes.

For more information, call any BFL office:

(519) 881-2179

(416) 368-2430

(416) 453-3124