I attended the wake at Queen’s Park recently for Bob Rae’s exit from the Ontario political scene. It was held in one of the big rooms where we normally hold our Christmas party, in order to accommodate the NDP party loyalists, loud lighters and heavy hand clappers.

The Toronto Star editorial following Rae’s registration headline: “Rae served Canada and Ontario well” and then turned around and said hat during Rae’s term he in five years in office had doubled the Ontario deficit from $50 to $100 billion! Yikes! The Star would describe me as a financial genius.

Rae reminded me of the story of a wealthy Toronto Italian building contractor who turned his prosperous business over to his playboy son to manage and, over the months that followed, the son gave it scant attention. A friend of his father approached him and said “You know you’ve made your father a millionaire.” “I did?” said the astonished son. “Yeah,” the old man replied, “he used to be a billionaire.” I’m afraid that is also Bob’s dilemma.

Bob Rae is an altruist and I’ve found altruists are too generous when it comes to giving away other people’s money – and I’m talking about taxpayer’s money.

I’m also reminded of another true story in another era when telegram messengers were urged to get the money for the ‘collect’ telegrams they delivered which would save the railway billing the customers later. When one messenger boy on his return to the telegraph office was asked why he hadn’t picked up more money for his ‘collect’ telegrams on his route, he replied: “I did my best.” His boss said: “The railway doesn’t want your best – the railway wants the money.”

And that is how I feel about Bob Rae. The New York bankers who we are deep in debt to don’t put much value on good intentions.

Premier Bob was a glad hander. He was in to hock to every union and initials. And Bob ended up at this last press conference bragging about Rae Days. Government employees didn’t suffer that much from Rae Days. They didn’t work a Rae Day and they didn’t get paid! It was the unlucky taxpayer who needed some government service that day who suffered.

It was then Bob realized that he had to roll back those outrageous salaries of many government employees and the only way to do it was to break their cherished union contracts. Then he came to realize hat even that wasn’t going to stem the tremendous deficit caused because Ontario was spending a million dollars a day more than we were taking in. Only then did he fire 10,000 Ontario hydro employees and our lights never blinked. As Premier Mike Harris said: “He should’ve started sooner.”

Bob was trying to blow and suck at the same time. He was trying to cut the deficit at the same time. He was trying to cut the deficit at the same time that he was creating an army of radical feminist bureaucrats who were going to tell firms whom to hire. Another army of bureaucrats were going to soak up equally big salaries for inserting themselves their relatives – casting aspirations on the integrity of these people and wading into the minefield of determining who was going to live or die.

Have we forgot that it was Bob Rae who thought that it was Bob Rae who thought it was okay for homosexuals to adopt children? He also wanted Sid Ryan’s union members to get jobs eliminating volunteers in the health field – such as the Red Cross banks.

Rae didn’t hesitate to spend over a million of taxpayers dollars chasing 18 innocent pro-lifers around. (It’s still up in the air). Bob wouldn’t hesitate to spend $45 million plush for wanton killing tomorrow’s children. He attempted but failed to force his own pro-life NDP members into supporting same-ex legislation to any thinking person. It went down to defeat.

Bob is a very nice guy with a nice wife and a nice family but he was a helpless captive of special interests who would have bankrupted Ontario with their agenda.

Until Bob can repeal the law of supply and demand – his brand of Marxism will continue to prove to be unworkable. Remember, it was pro-lifers in swing ridings who swallowed hard and voted for Mike Harris in the recent Ontario election who helped put the nails in his political coffin.