Poles Favour Life – On January 20, the Polish Senate approved a bill that would limit abortion though not ban it altogether.  The bill, which has already been passed by the lower house, only needs ratification from President Lech Walesa.  Most observers feel that the pro-life president will approve it immediately.  The law, which is by no means pro-life, would allow abortion in cases where the life of the mother is threatened, the baby is deformed or the pregnancy is a result of rape or incest.  In a world where governments seem to take giant backward steps each day, it is refreshing to see a government taking baby steps forward.

Warning: Rough Roads Ahead  — On January 22, President Bill Clinton overturned a series of minor abortion restrictions which had been imposed by Presidents Reagan and Bush.  Clinton signed orders ending bans on abortion at military hospitals and on federal financing for overseas population control programs.  He further ordered a review of the ban on the abortion pill, RU-486.  Clinton also promised that all Supreme Court Justices appointed during his term will have to pass a pro-abortion litmus test.  The president did all this while 75,000 pro-lifers marched in front of the White House in their annual “March for Life.”  Maybe these tough times will unite American pro-lifers.

Major Problem – Also on January 22, John Charles Major was sworn in as Canada’s newest Supreme Court Justice.  When asked about his stance on abortion Major replied that the issue has already been decided in Canada and that he thought the question was hypothetical.  Asked later whether or not he believed in God, Major responded, “I guess some days you do and some days you don’t.”  — a solid answer showing backbone and principle worthy of the Supreme Court.  Sounds like the philosophy behind the government’s choice of Justice Major is “you pays your money, you takes your chances.”

Hofess Exposes Himself – John Hofess, the man who is trying so hard to end Sue Rodriguez’ life, is at it again.  Most recently he has admitted to forging Ms Rodriguez’ signature on a letter, written to the Vancouver Sun in late January.  She did not allow him this privilege.  The forgery was a great relief to those who oppose Hofsess and his Right to Die Society, as it was difficult to prove to the courts just how much this man was using Ms Rodriguez.  Keep it up John, we won’t make it without you.

Don’t Stray too far from the Airport  –On February 17, just days after the Dutch government passed a liberal euthanasia law, new guidelines came out which will make the practice even more acceptable.  This comes as no surprise to opponents of the law who long predicted that once the door was opened, abuses would soon follow.  The new guidelines will allow for involuntary euthanasia on psychiatric patients and babies born with abnormalities.  This is just the beginning.  As time goes on look for more and more regulations to be softened.  Remind me never to get sick in Holland.  If I do, get me to the nearest airport.

Rising from the Ashes – On February 24, Morgentaler opened his new abortuary, on Bayview Ave. in Toronto.  Coincidentally, this is also the day on which Catholics celebrate the beginning of the season of Lent, Ash Wednesday.  (Henry never misses a trick.)  This clinic replaces the Harbord St. building which was blown up last May.  To prevent any further “accidents,” all of his employees are expected to: a) work only during scheduled hours, b) refrain from smoking on the premises and c) store all explosives and flammable gases in the “ready to move” storage room.