In case you didn’t read it, or didn’t know, the Playboy Foundation was directly involved in the U.S Supreme Court Decision, Roe vs. Wade, which brought abortion on demand to that country. The Playboy Foundation funded all the legal research in that case. As seen below in Hugh Hefner’s own words, this foundation and its magazine demonstrate their anti-life, anti-family philosophy beyond any doubt.

In a quote from Weekend Magazine, Dec. 9, 1978, Hefner digs his own grave:

“I’m very involved in the Playboy Foundation, the activist arm of what Playboy is all about, and my daughter Christie is on the board. She’s now an executive in the company learning the business. The Foundation is a way of putting our money where our mouth was in terms of social change. Playboy remains the major private source of income for NORML, the single most important organization working to change the marijuana laws. And we’ve been dramatically involved in abortion reform, funding the case that went to the Supreme Court that made abortion legal in America.”

In an Aug. 7, 1982 edition of the Ottawa Citizen, Rev. R.G. MacNeil discussed the ‘Playboy Philosophy’. He pointed out that it degrades women and “confuses the fully human status of women by labelling them…. bunnies or centerfolds or playmates.”

“The level of responsibility that a man must have in a relationship to a woman is reduced or taken away when a woman is no longer perceived as a woman with dignity and a family and friends, but as something with bunny ears and a tail. She is portrayed as being less than human …they (women) are presented as distractions instead of people.”

Abortion on demand fits perfectly into the so-called Playboy philosophy in that women are objects , toys or playthings to whom no man need have any responsibility.