Just as one taboo – homosexuality – comes crashing down in the form of court-mandated social acceptance of same-sex “marriages,” another taboo is being challenged: pedophilia. Cybercast News Service recently reported that an increasing number of websites propagandize for the social acceptance of pedophilia. It is not, advocates of pedophilia say, an iniquity or an infirmity, but a mere sexual preference crying out for toleration and acceptance.

The Girl Love Garden website, for instance, calls for “the emancipation of girls of all ages, and ‘girl love,’ in general.” GLG says that “true emancipation” lies “in a child’s sublime assent to becoming self-actualized with the keen-eyed help of a loving mentor (gardener) who is willing to carefully fertilize and tend to the growth of the emotions, spirit and intellectual flora of the garden of a child’s soul.” Despite the flowery language, almost any sentient human being will realize that what the website is advocating is not emancipation but child abuse.

And despite the website’s purported interest in well-being (emancipation is, after all, usually thought of as a good thing), the real purpose is to allow adults to freely engage in their perverse, immoral and (for now) criminal activities with impunity. The website’s mission statement, CNS tells us, “offers the view that adults who are ‘naturally, sensuously attracted to little girls and blossoming young women will achieve full emancipation only by clothing their souls with a childlike personality and agreeing to ‘play safe’ with each other.” The Girl Love Garden website offers “refreshing waters of reason” where adults sexually attracted to young girls are invited to “drink deeply of the exquisite delights to be found herein by Girl Lovers everywhere.”

At Free Spirits, a website for “boylovers,” the advocates of pedophilia take the mantle of victimhood to promote acceptance of their lifestyle choices. “Boylovers,” the website claims, “have not chosen of their free will to become so.” There is more, but it is too sickening and horrific to share with readers of The Interim.

There are even “Christian” websites that provide resources and religious support to pedophiles, including Philia and the Christian Boylove Forum. They offer “non-judgmental, Christian” counselling for adults attracted to children.

What is truly frightening is that pedophiles and their advocates have adopted the language and tactics of recent civil rights movements. Many do not call themselves pedophiles, but “minor-attracted adults” or MAAs. Free Spirits claims that pedophiles are “the most underserved and misunderstood sexual minority remaining in today’s human society.” At first, they seek understanding and toleration. Later, they will seek acceptance and legal recognition.

But pedophilia – as with homosexuality, incest and polygamy – is not like race and gender. It is an action, not a being, and these actions are chosen.

Children are at the mercy of the adults who care for them. So only by preserving in adults a psychological mechanism of disgust and horror at pedophilia can society adequately protect children from the physical and psychological harm of sexual abuse. While there is not currently any discussion to change the law on this issue, there are people, such as those running the aforementioned websites, who want to break down the societal taboo against adult-child sex.

Julie Posey, who runs the anti-pedophilia website pedowatch.org and is the author of They Call Me Kendra, an autobiography that tells of her experiences as a sexually abused child, says, “If society doesn’t get a grip right now – and even right now it’s going to be difficult – they (pedophiles) are definitely going to have the same rights that we have.” It’s time to get a grip and not merely resist, but actively oppose, this abominable faux civil rights movement.