The following report covers another shocking development in the Public School Board of Toronto. In our July issue (front page) The Interim reported that the Board had accepted a sex education program exposing students to homosexual propaganda. The same trustees have now voted to allow homosexual teachers to solicit the 74,000 students in the Toronto public schools to join their sodomite lifestyle. Editor.

On June 25, 1992, the Toronto Board of Education voted 14 to 6 to lift the ban on proselytization of homosexuality. The City of Toronto public school board thus removed its 1981 board policy, “that the board will not countenance the proselytization of homosexuality within its jurisdiction.”

The motion to life the ban was moved by Trustee John Campey, a gay activist.

At the same meeting a motion to defer a controversial curriculum for two years was lost 13 to 7. Sexual orientation: lesbianism, homosexuality and homophobia has been referred to as a “travesty” by Dr. Joseph Berger, a prominent Toronto psychiatrist. (See Interim, July 1992 edition, page 1).

Dr. Berger sat on the advisory committee that drafted the report, but he claims in his dissenting brief that the guide “is a grossly biased political tract that bears no resemblance to the committee’s discussions…the original intentions of the committee have been hijacked by gay activists. I recommend that this version be rejected and a completely different approach that would more equitably balance understandings and concerns in this area be drafted.”

“The whole thrust of section H (“Coming Out for Young People”) is towards acceptance of a homosexual orientation. This is taking a one-sided, biased view. The position I took on the committee and maintain today is that young people uncertain about their sexual identity and orientation should have the opportunity to explore this with a professional therapist.”

The curriculum recommends contracts with gay and lesbian groups and mocks psychotherapy. The guide includes The Toronto Gay and Lesbian Directory listing 88 organizations, including one for sadomasochism.

George Jonas wrote in the Toronto Sun, June 1, 1992, that “They’re brainwashing our kids.” The Sun’s editorial on June 26 was titled “We’re horrified.” In stark contrast the Globe and Mail and the Toronto Star have been silent. The poor media coverage and end of school year time ensured the curriculum’s passage. Most parents, teachers and students have not seen or even heard of the guide.

The guide will have some small revisions made over the summer and will be implemented in Toronto high schools in September.

Meanwhile, some parents and concerned citizens are seeking legal advice on whether proselytization is within the Ontario Education Act.