Ottawa: – Liberal party policies have been announced by Chaviva Hosek, a director of Jean Chrétien’s National Liberal Committee, in a June 5, 1992 response to a questionnaire from NAC, the National Action Committee of Canada’s feminists.

Hosek, a former Ontario MPP and Housing Minister, is totally committed to the feminist agenda. She herself is a former president of NAC and her 1987 Ontario election platform included the promotion of abortion under the Ontario Liberal government of David Peterson. In November 1990, she became senior policy advisor to Jean Chrétien. As director of the caucus’s research bureau she supervises a staff of some 30 researches who formulate party policy.

In response to the NAC questionnaire, Hosek quotes from various Liberal party sources as back-up and proof for the policies she outlines as answers to the NAC questions. She presents the following items – all related to the feminist agenda – as firm Liberal policies.

The Liberal party:

•    supports mandatory training for all judges in “gender-sensitization” courses.

[Editor: In other words, indoctrination into the feminist ideology.] (p.1)

•    supports a senate elected by proportioned representation of women and minorities. (p.2)

•    favors federal funding of cultural groups and individuals in cultural broadcasting [Editor: The current 400 or so feminist applicants are heavily subsidized by Ottawa.] (p.4)

•    favors exclusive federal control over broadcasting (CRTC). (p.4)

•    intends to obligate all provincial governments to provide universal, publicly funded hospital and medical care to all citizens. (p.4)

•    favors adding “sexual orientation” to Section 15 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms to force the Army, and RCMP to accept “gays and lesbians.” (pp. 4,5,11,12)

•    claims that “the Liberal Party has never opposed the concept of Free Trade,” (p.5) [Editor: Former Liberal leader John Turner fought a one-issue campaign against free trade in the 1988 election.)

•    describes GST as “the wrong tax at the wrong time. It is unfair and regressive,” yet the party does not intend to abolish. (p.7)

Re: Child care

•    favors a national child care program regardless of economic conditions. (p.8)

Re: Abortion

•    does not intend “to introduce anti-choice legislation.” [Editor: In other words, no protection for the unborn.]

•    instead, favors the inclusion in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms of the “right of access to a medical treatment for a condition representing a danger to life or health.”

•    declares abortion to be “a medically necessary treatment” and “would consider an amendment to the Canada Health Act that would enable the federal government to withhold full compensation” from provinces which refuse to fund abortions (p.9)

•    interprets the proposed obligation on the part of all governments to provide universal Hospital and medical care as a “help to ensure the accessibility of insured abortion services across Canada.” (p.9)

Re: Family Planning

•    calls for “sex education and family planning [as] essential to the maintenance of a woman’s right to choose.”

•    for this purpose “the family planning division of Health and Welfare [would be restored and] would be an integral part of this solution.” (p.10)

Re: Divorce

•    will give priority to help provinces enforce child support and orders.

Re: Subsidized feminism

•    will reinstate the Court Challenges program. (p.11)

Re: Electoral Reform

•    favors special financial privileges for female candidates in order to encourage participation.

•    believes that “groups not directly associated with a political party” should “not be permitted to influence the outcome of the election.” (p.13) [Editor: For example, pro-life groups, churches, church task forces, or any ad hoc group of citizens would be prohibited from advertising or promoting their political views.]

Re: Employment equity

•    strongly argues “that mandatory goals and timetables must be established and sanctions must be imposed where compliance is not forthcoming.” (p.14)


From the above it would seem that the Liberal directorate around Jean Chrétien is turning the Liberal party more and more in the direction of an aggressive, intolerant feminist party.

The most important and galling statement is that the Liberal Party of Canada now favors the constitutional “right” of every woman to kill the baby in her womb.

Every candidate who intends to run for the Liberal party must publicly denounce his part’s abortion policy if he or she is to gain pro-life support. In reverse, every pro-lifer must confront candidates of all parties to demand public statements contradicting their parties’ pro-abortion policies and actions.

[Editor: With respect to the third item under the heading of abortion, it is of interest to note that the Saskatchewan NDP claims that the federal Canada Health Act prohibits the province from halting provincial funding of abortions as voted on in the Saskatchewan October 1991 plebiscite: 63 per cent against funding; 37 in favor. See Tom Schuck’s article “Politics over truth” on the next page. The Hosek-Liberal stand indicates, then, that this interpretation is wrong. The federal Liberals themselves hope to bring this about by means of a future amendment, once they form the government. Furthermore, the interpretation that the Canada Health Act does not now ensure full “access” to abortions is also that of the Commons Committee on Health and Welfare, which tabled its report in the House on November 27, 1991.]