It was just one tiny sign in a sea of placards with the words “Whatever happened to patriotism?”
In cities and towns across the U.S. last week, citizens began taking a stand against the pacifists and peaceniks out on the streets protesting war in the Persian Gulf.
The growing phenomenon of the ‘pro-troops’ demo is something I wish would be echoed in Canada.
Yes, you can sure count me in that group.
I certainly do not consider myself a warmonger, yet I believe in the pit of my soul that there are some things worth fighting for – God, country, family.
Why is it that the peaceniks always protest in front of the U.S. embassy?  Where were they when recently Mikhail Gorbachev closed in on the tiny Baltic States?
It has been a long-held belief of mine – and still is – that the peace-at-any-price mob will never show up at the Soviet embassy of any country.
For their main mission is to foster anti-American hype.
As a Toronto Sun columnist I remember once creating a stir in a column I wrote in opposition to the war toy boycott-day activists.
Every Christmas they’re out in full to prevent the sale of toy soldiers and toy guns.
I wrote then that my only child, a little boy, had died in infancy, but if he had grown, I would have bought him toy soldiers to feed his imagination.
I would have hoped that when he was put to bed at night his dreams would be filled with the heroes of the stature of Winston Churchill and Lawrence of Arabia.
The ‘anti’ agenda
The lib-left, the same ones who chant, ‘Hell no, we won’t go; we won’t fight for Texaco’, are not really the acolytes of peace.
Count among the things they are against God, family and country; in fact, all of the Christian values on which Canada was built.
Study any mob of peaceniks and you will find feminists, homosexuals, lesbians and enviro-activists.
The lib-left always seize what they declare to be the moral high ground.  Just as peaceniks profess to be the only ones who care about peace, enviro-activists such as the scare-mongering David Suzuki claim to be the only ones who care about Mother Earth.
Substituting values
Indeed, whatever did happen to patriotism?
Patriotism is one of the traditions ruled out in the long-term, lib-left strategy.  Patriotism or pride and love of one’s own country they want to replace by the ill-founded theory that none of us is a citizen of any place.  We are ‘global citizens’ and some day soon, all of us will be living in a one-world political sphere.
Should anyone think this game plan is too ambitious to be realized, reflect upon the current state of the country.  Already great strides have been made in making the mass murder of babies acceptable and even desirable.
Gone and going from the shelves of school libraries are the wonderful classics that made leaders of students only one generation ago.
Meanwhile, in these turbulent times – militant ‘peace’ activists notwithstanding, there is only one true Prince of Peace.
His name is Jesus Christ.