As we emerge from the Christmas season, sacred to many because it marks the birth of the Son of God to a virgin mother, this paper carries a troubling story of casual sexual activity among adolescents and older teens. It could be set in any part of the country. One teen noted that today, virgins are looked down on. With these attitudes, what possible sense can our country’s future parents and leaders make of Christmas? Of modesty? Of sacrificial love?

In the story, one mother exclaims, “I never taught them that was right.” Where did they learn that it was? They have many teachers.

Among them, the UN Declaration on the Rights of the Child. It gives children of all ages many open-ended freedoms and “rights,” including the following:

  • freedom from parental interference
  • freedom of association
  • freedom of (and from) religion
  • freedom of choice in all matters (including the choice to obey or not)
  • freedom of expression, including the right to seek, receive and impart information and ideas of all kinds, in any form chosen by the child (including electronic, print and sound)
  • the right to privacy
  • the right to protection by the state (not the parents) from any unlawful sexual activity

In addition:

  • the government must provide health care, including “family planning” education and services, without the need for parental consent or any limitation on age (Article 24)