At Home

Liberal with chutzpah

Never is heard a discouraging word from Ontario Premier David Peterson’s Liberal caucus. That is until Etobicoke Humber MPP Jim Henderson had the courage to stand up for his principles. In his riding newsletter, Henderson recently condemned the “political opportunism when a [Liberal] government sanctions abortion-on-demand, or passes the tricky business of open Sunday shopping to the municipalities.”

Persona non grata in Gretna, Manitoba

“Stephen Lewis has never mentioned in public that he is in support of abortion. He is a supporter of pro-choice and there is a difference,” writes Brother Lui Santi in a September letter to an ex-benefactor of the Society of the Precious Blood Fathers and Brothers invited the past leader of the Ontario NDP to address a fundraising dinner in August 1988. Br.  Santi could learn something about principles from the Mennonites of rural Manitoba. Gretna’s Mennonite Collegiate Institute cancelled a Lewis lecture, slated for April 1990, when supporting churches objected to his pro-abortion and secularist views.

Fully Alive follies

Anthony Barrone, Director of Education for the Metro (Toronto) Separate School Board says in a confidential memo that the Fully Alive program is “erroneously referred to as a sex ed program.” But is Barrone listening to parents?  They are swelling the Ontario Association of Catholic Families’ (OACF) dossier with complaints of contraceptive appliances shown, homosexuality condoned and street terms accepted in classroom teaching of the Fully Alive program. Barrone should be told: If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck—why it must be a duck!

Abortionists on the run

According to Burnaby (B.C.) Right to Life, two Surrey doctors have stopped doing abortions. The reason?  Drs. J. Abrahams and Peter Ho did not want to see any more pro-life pickets outside their homes.

Brick wall department

In its two-year campaign for a conscience clause exempting nurses from taking part in abortions. Nurses for Life has run into apathy, apathy and more apathy. However, in the summer of ’89, Nurses for Life succeeded in having a non-assistance with abortions question placed on the Ontario Nurses Association’s yearly “Have a Say” questionnaire.” This survey will be used to set bargaining objectives for the ONA’s 1991 contract.

South of the Border

Homosexuals defeated

Early in October, the U.S. House of Representatives voted to forbid D.C. from imposing its gay rights law upon religious educational institutions.

Homosexuals deluded

‘Dignity’—an organization of Catholics who practice homosexuality—adopted a manifesto on sexual ethics September 25. It states: “The majority of us are able to say we are both sexually active and comfortable with our relationship with Christ.” But is He comfortable with them?

Daycarism victorious

Barring a presidential veto, the House of Representatives’ childcare legislation will become law by the end of the year. A new government bureaucracy will channel $1.75 billion in subsidies to daycare centers.  But for families who care for their own children or who send them to religious preschools – not a dime.


Following a seven-month investigation, the Detroit News revealed that “Americans are subsidizing surrogate motherhood through their health insurance program.”  The mid-September expose has already resulted in a Blue Cross/Blue Shield lawsuit against a Maryland babybroker.

Pink slip or abort!

“Stay home and collect welfare cheques, or get rid of it,” one supervisor told pregnant April Buxton, a correction officer dismissed from New York’s overcrowded jails for refusing to have an abortion.  In an effort to cut skyrocketing personnel costs, aggravated by generous sick-leave benefits, mid-level managers in the Department of Correction told pregnant prison guards to obtain abortions or be fired.

They shoot gays, don’t they?

If they don’t want their gay offspring to kill themselves, mom and dad should encourage homosexuality as an “alternative lifestyle” says San Francisco therapist Paul Gibson in the Department of Health and Human Services Task Force report on Youth Suicide.


Singapore lay-away-plan

When Dr. C. Chen, a pioneer in reproductive technology, fine tunes his improved human egg freezing process, women will be able to stash their eggs while they pursue careers or attend school.  When they can fit kids into their lives, they will be able to take them back.


Using a newly-developed computer program which can analyze handprints, West German doctors will now be more accurate in determining whether parents run the risk of having children with genetic disabilities.

Euthanasia for fatigue

Euthanasia’s PR man, Pieter Admiraal, speaking at Abbott Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis earlier this year, criticized U.S. doctors for heartlessly withdrawing treatment.  Direct killing, he said, is the more humane way to end the unbearable suffering of among other things fatigue, sleeplessness and nausea.