Ontario’s First Choice TV plans to show The Last Temptation  of Christ in November.  The film is a blatantly sacrilegious film in which Christ is portrayed as a wimp and Judas as a strong, dominating character.

It will be shown at least three or four times during November, but not consecutively, according to a spokesperson with the pay TV firm.  No specific dates have been announced.  First Choice does not anticipate any backlash from showing the film.  In one scene it depicts Christ among a group of men waiting to use Mary Magdalene’s services as a prostitute.  Another scene – this one at the end of the movie – pictures Christ on the cross having a sexual fantasy of being married and raising a family.

Tara Lobsinger, a pro-life activist in Smith Falls, Ontario and a First Choice subscriber, contacted the Toronto head office and complained that her fees were being used to finance the showing of a film objectionable to most Christians.  Interim readers who wish to object to the screening of the Last Temptation of Christ can call First Choice at 416-364-9115