Planned Parenthood federation of Canada [PPLC] is demanding that the government “immediately develop and implement a comprehensive and preventive policy.” PP president Norman Barwin, M.D., released a policy paper on September 19 urging Ottawa to “protect the reproductive freedom of Canadians.”  Planned Parenthood of Canada” Planned Parenthood of Canada strongly supports abortion on demand, but claims that “more education” about sex can “defuse’ the abortion issue.

The Federation claims 47 member groups across Canada.  Many of these are heavily subsidized with taxpayer’s money through municipal, provincial and federal annual grants.

Stated Sharon Colemen, PPFC’s  executive director;  “Sex sells.  What is needed is a campaign to deal with responsible sexual behaviour and attitudes. “Coleman says Planned Parenthood wants the government to begin a massive television and radio campaign to promote contraceptives and condoms.


PP of Canada made similar suggestions to health minister Marc Lalonde in 1976.  At that time the federal Ministry of Health had developed a separate division staffed almost exclusively with Planned Parenthood people. Lalorde’s plans for government to actively promote women’s “clinics” for abortion and contraceptive counseling and promote contraceptives notionally on TV and radio, was shot down by his colleagues after it was announced in March of 1977.


In 1969 Trudeau’s Liberal Government stated it would never actively promote abortion and contraceptives.  However, in Ontario such a policy is promoted today by the Liberal government of David Peterson, Ontario Health Minister Elinor Caplan has already government-financed abortion centers disguised as women’s “clinics.”  Ontario’s proposed Health Facilities Act will “legitimize” and fund these “abortion clinics across  the province, including the Morgentaler abortuary.

In April, 1984, before the provincial election which brought his party to power.  David Peterson had declared that if elected he would take steps to close the abortuary, if necessary by civil injunction.  Today a civil injunction prevents anyone from publicly

demonstrating against it within 500 meters.

With contraceptive counseling no such reversal was needed in Ontario.  In 1969 the province had two birth control clinics open before third reading of the Act legalizing the distribution of contraceptives had even been completed in the House of /Commons. Today tens of millions of dollars a year go to pay the salaries of government employees involved in this kind of work.  Other tens of millions are spent on funding the clinics, printing educational material, and other special promotional work.  Total costs may well reach $100 million TV campaign promoting condoms alone cost $7 million.


In June of 1988 the Nova Scotia Advisory Council on the Status of Women, an organization fully funded by the provincial government, recommended similar measures  for that province.

In a brief to the Nova Scotia Commission on Health Care the Council used Planned Parenthood of Nova Scotia calculations to show that the care of unmarried single mothers, including abortions, foster care, treatment of venereal diseases [over 7 million] and pelvic inflammatory disease [over $14 million] cost the province a total of $58.00 million.

The Council, by some financial illogic, then recommended abortion clinics throughout the province and sex education for everyone, suggesting that this would somehow reduce the costs of what is called the “lack of family planning.”

Never, has there been more sex education, yet never have there been more abortions, sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS than today.  The Canadian government could save itself a lot of money each year by ceasing to fund the destructive work of Planned Parenthood and numerous feminist organizations and the great bureaucratic empire now devoted to promoting contraceptive counseling and so-called safe sex.