Radical feminist censorship

A group calling themselves P.O.W. (Pissed off Women) broke into the editorial offices of a University of Miami student-run newspaper, The Hurricane, and destroyed 10,000 pro-life supplements which were to be inserted into the paper’s next edition.  The destroyed newspaper supplement is a 12-page, full colour mini-newspaper called She’s a Child.  Not a Choice. Over 4 million copies of this insert have been distributed on campuses across the U.S.  Developed by Human Life Alliance, in St. Paul, Minnesota, She’s a Child.  Not a Choice, includes information on the child’s development in the womb and lists contact numbers for local pro-life and abortion-alternative organizations.  This newspaper has also been adapted for use in the Ontario commemoration of 25 years of abortion in Canada.  Virginia Colonel, who is coordinating the University of Miami campaign said that this act of vandalism shows that “such groups as Planned Parenthood and the National Organization for Women are terrified the truth about what abortion is will get out.”  The Miami Police Department is currently investigating the break-in.  Organizers have vowed that the inserts will run in the next edition –this time with greater security.