A letter combined with inserts from The Lesbian and Gay Community Appeal in Toronto (LGGA) indicates that it became a recipient of Toronto’s United Way in 1987 for the first time.  That year it received $20,420.  That sum, together with money from LGAA’s own fundraising company ($110,000 in 1988), went to various gay and lesbian organizations.  The inventory of Grant Recipients, 1980-87, lists as recipients 99 gay and lesbian organizations in Toronto, plus 13 individuals, mostly playwrights.  There is no indication how many of the 99 organizations are still in existence.


Homosexual professors at Dalhousie University have requested that full pension benefits for their “lovers” be accepted.  The faculty’s tentative contract agreement now includes this provision as part of “seeking fairness for faculty members,” said faculty association president David Williams.

The contract has expanded the definition of spouse to include “a person of the same sex with whom the member has been co-habiting for at least one year in a conjugal relationship.”


Pope John Paul II wished a blessed Christmas to 60,000 people in St. Peter’s square in 45 languages.  Millions more listened around the world on television and radio.

The Pope appealed for help for victims around the world.  This year he also included the victims of AIDS.  AIDS victims he said, were called to face the challenge not only of the sickness but also the “mistrust of a fearful society that instinctively turns away from them.

“I think of them all and to all of them I say: Do not lose hope.”

“I invite everyone to take up the tragic burden of these brothers of ours.  As I assure them of my deep affection, I exhort scientists and researchers to increase their efforts to find an effective treatment for this mysterious illness.” He said (Globe and Mail, December 26 1988).


The World Health Organization reported that cases of AIDS rose 40 per cent worldwide in 1988. (Toronto Sun, January 10, 1989).

The U.S> accounted for more than 60 per cent of the reported total.  Canada reported 2,181 cases, placing it tenth in the number of cases reported.


The University of Toronto Student Council has impeached a member because of his opposition to homosexuals.  According to a CP report (December 16, 1988), students voted 267 to 183 to remove Darryll McDowell, 22, from the 65-member body where he represented them on the Scarborough campus.

The referendum was held after 628 students signed a petition saying McDowell was not representing their interests in a “fair and unbiased way.”

McDowell, serving his second term as an outspoken critic of student funding of the University’s Women’s Centre, generated opposition by writing an opinion article headlined “Let the feminists fund themselves” in a student newspaper.

In the article, McDowell accused feminists and lesbians of running the centre as a gay lobby. (Moncton  Times Transcript, December 16, 1988).