This video records the sequence of events at the first Canadian Rescue in October, 1988, at the Morgentaler abortuary in Toronto.  This is depicted against a background theme of pro-life activist Joan Andrews speaking at intervals on the absolute need of faith and prayer in the pro-life movement.  Andrews was released from a Florida prison in late October, 1988.  After completing half of a five-year sentence for trespass, she shows no sign of bitterness, despite long periods of solitary confinement and degrading body searches.

Following a brief introduction by Fr. Paul Marx of Human Life International, the video documents pro-lifers who gather for prayers and then assemble at the Morgentaler “clinic” on Harbord Street to dissuade abortion seekers.  Filmed in an appropriately jagged and impromptu style, “Rescue with Joan Andrews” gives a real feeling of the tension and excitement of the day.  Camera angles are used well to show facial close-ups and the incessant movement.

A striking element is the sharp contrast between the serenity of the quiet singing of the pro-life side and the aggressive, repetitious slogans of the pro-abortion group.  Joan Andrews’s voice is a constant counterpoint, in marked contrast to the Harbord scene.  She repeatedly insists that God alone can change the hearts of the abortionists.

Viewers may expect to see the pro-life campaign in a new light, with a fuller appreciation of the nature of a rescue mission, the depth of feeling of the participants, and the long road ahead.  The arrests and indignity become almost anti-climatic as the film makes no secret of the ghastly product of the abortuary.  This film is necessary and meaningful, and recommended.

This film is ideal for showing to pastors, bishops, politicians, law enforcement officers, churches, schools, civic and fraternal groups and local Rescue organizations.  For a VHS video copy, send $24.95 to: Rescue with Joan Andrews, 53 Dundas St. E., Suite 305, Toronto, Ontario, M5B 1C6.