“He that first cries out stop thief, is often he that has stolen the treasure.”

William Congreve (1670-1729)

Who shot abortionist Garson Romalis?  Who bombed Henry Morgentaler’s abortion clinic in 1992?

The pro-abortion movement, with intense media support, has incessantly pointed the finger at the pro-life movement.  Now, however, it has broken with tradition, blaming the neo-Nazi movement in conjunction with pro-lifers.

They seem to have no problem justifying this, painting pro-lifers and neo-Nazis with the same brush. Pro-lifers are blamed because both Romalis and Morgentaler are abortionists. The neo-Nazis are blamed because both are Jewish.

Amid all the accusations and condemnations came an illuminating report from the Security Intelligence Review Committee (SIRC) on the activities of Canadian Security Information Service informant Grant Bristow.

The SIRC report alleges that a member of a left-wing group was responsible for the fire at Henry Moegentaler’s abortion clinics in 1992.  Further information reveals that Bristow and CSIS knew the identity of the activist, but would not release it.

CSIS is Canada’s very own spy agency, composed of a number of CIA/FBI wannabees who feel accountable only to themselves.

A CSIS spokesman, commenting on Grant Bristow’s involvement in the neo-Nazi group Heritage Front, said that we should be thankful to Bristow for penetrating the organization.  Before Bristow’s involvement, the HF was comprised of a few disorganized individuals.  With Bristow’s help, it quickly became an organized, well-oiled intimidation machine.

Here in British Columbia (where we have felt the same heat as the Ontario pro-lifers did after the Morgentaler fire), the news that a left-wing activist may have been responsible for the Morgentaler fire has us wondering how the pro-abortion movement can get away with their false accusations.

In the meantime, the police still have no leads in the Romalis shooting.  While Romalis recovers in hospital, he says he has not changed his views about abortion.  Although the sniper’s weapon has not been recovered, police have said that several hundred guns, capable of firing the bullet that hit Romalis, were sold in Vancouver stores during the previous six months.

News reports still conclude that he was shot by an anti-abortion extremist, although no evidence exists to support this claim.

Ted Gerk, President of the Pro-Life Society of B.C., has issued a public challenge to B.C.’s anti-racist (pro-abortion) groups.

“It’s time to release the alleged evidence documenting the supposed links between neo-nazi and racist groups and B.C.’s mainstream pro-life movement… Anti-racist groups have for too long been allowed to advance their allegations on a number of issues without providing proof of them.  So now it’s time for them to come clean … to put up or shut up.”

“Let’s see the extensive lists they have documenting neo-nazi links.  Let’s see copies of police reports documenting violence.  Let’s see all the names so we can compare notes.  Or does this material exist merely in the over-active imaginations of a few individuals, looking for additional government grants?”

Obviously, no evidence will ever be found but, because the pro-aborts have linked pro-lifers and neo-nazis, many will unquestioningly believe this.

In the meantime, with evidence that the left wing may be trying to frame pro-lifers by burning clinics further confusing matters, Dr. Romalis must indeed be wondering who his friends really are.